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Last week I purchased 4 bottles of from

Bedford Cheese Shop for $58.00

My wife wanted a soda treat, but the trick was on her.

The syrup was stale, rancid, and disgusting.

Bedford Cheese Shop refused a refund and said to call the manufacture pnh soda and syrup.

Spoke to the owner Anton Nocito a condescending wise ***, said he didn't sell us the soda and we should take it up with Bedford Cheese Shop.

This fly by night operator, who lacks a 4 year college degree sells defective syrup products load with sugar concentration and intestinal bacteria.

read this review from a doctor that lab tested the pnh soda and syrup;

I'm surprise Martha Stweart lent her name to this product. But what do you expect from an ex ***.

I lost my money, and my wife and I suffered 3 days of the runs!

Be safe and smart; stay away from until they are FDA approved and inspected.

Thank you,

Anthony Tizzi

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New York City, New York, United States #684758

This is one of the worst sodas I ever tasted. And the owner is a creep too!

Being that he touts his beverage as being 'all natural' but uses cane sugar ... one of the worst foods you should eat ... puts it on my 'AVOID' list.

After seeing a video about his operation I was eager to try it but was hesitant about all the sugar he uses. So I emailed him and suggested he uses stevia, a much better natural sweetener ... and he fluffed me off, saying it didn't work as well as sugar.

Then on July 17th in Union Sq pk they were staying open late to introduce the public to tastings of nearby restaurants, and P&H was going to be selling their sodas there.

So I went to try them. He had no samples, and wouldn't even put a drop on my finger to taste any one of them. So I bought a $3 ginger soda ... I should have stopped there. It was very blah. Instead a sprung for a $10 bottle of sarsaparilla and made one when I got home. It tastes NOTHING like sarsaparilla ... I can't even describe the taste ... only to say it is awful.

If this place is still in business next year ... I will be shocked!

Don't waste your money on P&H soda ... Perrier has more taste and is better for you!

:sigh :(


P&H SODA is God Awful

$12 for a bottle of sugar water UGHHHH


thank you for the heads up

saw this product in a store

was hesitant to buy because I never of this

company before, and they did not list

their office address on the bottle label.

you have to be careful of these

fly by night food vendors

and what digest into your body

the p&H soda Co must have something to hide

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